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Dalia made Aliyah with her husband and children to Ramat Bet Shemesh, Israel in 2015, continued to grow her family and to inspire and hone other peoples baking skills.

Her love of baking started as a child watching her mother bring love into the home through food. There was a family friend who owned a bakery from home and she loved visiting and tasting the sweet treats straight from the oven.

A picture of Dalia

Her career started in 2006 when she started teaching cooking privately to adults and in a school for teenage girls, During those 8 years, Dalia realized her artistic talents and skills in the food industry and childhood dream of owning a bakery blended perfectly with the exploding cake market.

Bringing fine tuned skills into her work, incredible tasting cakes and top client service, Dalia quickly became one of the most sought after cake and mini treat designers with Rabbinical Supervision in London. She supplied top caterers and delivered to high end hotels in the city and the Shires.

  • Closing up shop and making Aliyah with her husband and 5 children

  • Saying good bye to her clients

  • Starting afresh in a new country 

These were difficult but so worth it!

Now, she teaches cake decorating online to her Israeli clientele and to Jewish Women all over the world!

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Come and be inspired!

Dalia's Cakes has serviced the following clients:




Sheraton Park Lane

Chainstore Trinity Buoy Wharf

The Landmark

Holiday Inn


Grand Palace Banqueting Suite

The Grove 

The Pillar


Millenium Mayfair (Grosvenor Sq)

Grand Conought Rooms Hoburn

Hilton Metropole

Stationers Hall


Caterers/ Organizations

Arieh Wagner

Celia Clyne

Carol Sobell





James Zimmer

James Milan

Neil Samuels

Nightingale Hammerson


 Online Classes

Dalia will show you how to bake and decorate desserts and cakes to perfect your skills. There will be different levels to suit your ability and Seasonal Yom Tov based online classes too!

Some will include Q & A live or answer questions you sent in prior.

The benefits of having classes online are that you can take them from the comfort of your home or on the go. You save on travel time and have access from all over the world. You will have access to like minded people across the globe. You can learn from talented teachers across the world.

Wow your family and friends! 

Start off your baking career or hobby by choosing one of our virtual classes right now. 

Image by Pawel Czerwinski


"Dalia is an incredible teacher. Everything seems easy when she explains it! I can't believe I can make meringues and pipe cupcakes after 2 classes."


Abygail, Jersualem

Rolling Dough
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