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Frequently Asked Questions

Find your Cake Decorating classes answers here or contact for other inquiries...
  • Can I sign up for all your classes at once?
    We have classes being added constantly so you can sign up for each class as you require. In the future, we will be having tiered membership packages.
  • What is your specialization?
    I am a frum cake designer with a kosher kitchen. You can learn all the inner trade secrets from someone in the know in a safe place for your children and yourselves to learn.
  • Will I be able to open up a Cake Decorating business after taking your classes?
    We aim to provide business advice as well as "how to" videos with trade secrets. You should be able to open up a Cake Decorating business using our classes and as a base for you skills to grow.
  • How long is a class?
    Each class will differ in length. You can view how long each class is before you sign up.
  • What is an online cake class?
    Online cake classes are digital events where you can learn cake techniques from a professional cake artist from the comfort of your home. We have more about our online classes in the ABOUT section of the website.
  • Can I gift a cake class?
    Yes! We offer gift cards for our cake classes and packages of 1 class and up per gift card. They are via an online code you can print. Great for newly weds or an engagement gift, bedrest, new baby, bas mitzvah, sweet 16 and more.
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